Anchor Pacific Fiji Day Promotion

With a tight timeframe, our dedicated team captured amazing photos of children with face paintings and transformed those into captivating image posts that formed the heart of a remarkable Facebook Timeline Promotion.

Our mission? To honour Fiji Day and encourage participants to embrace the festivities in a unique way. Participants enthusiastically joined in, uploading photos of themselves in their Fiji Day attire, featuring Anchor products with pride.

The response was nothing short of spectacular, with over 700 entries and a total engagement count of 4,899. The Anchor Pacific page reached an impressive 34,469 people, all thanks to the engaging promotional content that spanned three exciting weeks.

The success of this promotion reinforces the remarkable power of community engagement and the joyous spirit that surrounds Fiji Day celebrations. 

As Pasifika continues to craft compelling stories and experiences, we remain dedicated to bringing communities together and creating moments to cherish.

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