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Almost 30 years of creative experience in Marketing, Advertising and Video Production

Our Services

We provide a wide range of marketing, advertising and video production services to achieve your communication and marketing goals.

Media Management

Our experienced team of media executives work directly with all of our Commercial, Non-Commercial and Tourism clients to develop and execute marketing campaigns that achieve their goals. We link our clients to our creatives and ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and on brief.

From Concept to COMPLETION


Our Designers are a dedicated team of some of Fiji’s best creatives. We produce a wide range of quality visual materials for our diverse client base.

Creativity is our RELIGION

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Media Planning

Pasifika is one of Fiji’s only advertising agencies fully accredited to do media bookings. We not only create your materials; we also design media schedules that effectively reach your target market for the least possible cost.

Our media planners monitor all material placed in the media to ensure that your ads are on time and meet high quality standards.


Video Production

Our team of highly trained professionals provide the best in photography, videography, sound recording and video editing.

We push the limits of creativity and produce some of the best work you will find in the Pacific.

Painters of Image and Sound Production


From designing large behavioural change campaigns, conducting market research, to creating specific Communication Strategies, Pasifika has extensive experience throughout the Pacific Islands. Our understanding of the challenges that developing countries face make us the best choice for many communication consultancies.

From Concept to COMPLETION

Digital Services

We help you achieve your marketing goals by connecting your brand or message to your audience using the most effective digital channels available. We also track the performance of your campaigns and provide you with detailed insights into how they are performing.

Pasifika Communications’ offers a wide range of digital services, including Web development and design, Digital marketing, Social media marketing, Email marketing and Analytics. Our analytical reports not only provide you with stats, but that essential interpretation that helps you understand what the stats mean for your product or service.

We Speak Digital

Market Research

Utilising both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, Pasifika has proven experience handling the market research needs of a variety of both commercial and non-commercial clients. From focus group discussions regarding online experiences with various audiences in Yap State, FSM to taste test surveys in Fiji, to Pacific region online surveys and even national online surveys in the Marshall Islands, Pasifika has designed market research campaigns to answer the big questions for our clients. Apart from just providing statistics, Pasifika also helps clients interpret the data, giving them the insights they need.

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