Crest Chicken Cook Off Competition Posters

Crest Chicken Cook Off Competition

Pasifika Communications assisted Goodman Fielder International Fiji with organising and running an engaging and captivating three-part Cook-Off series for their esteemed Crest Chicken brand. This online competition took place exclusively on their active and vibrant Facebook page, extending its reach over a period of 6 months. The Cook-Off competition encouraged Facebook users to be creative and unleash their culinary creativity to showcase their mouthwatering creations made with Crest Chicken. Participants were encouraged to enter and share their creations for a chance to win bags of Crest Chicken. To amplify the impact of this remarkable Facebook competition, our team at Pasifika Communications crafted a range of visually striking social media content materials. We designed and produced a slideshow, promotional poster, image posts, and an engaging GIF. These captivating assets were strategically employed to fuel excitement, generate buzz, and entice participants to take part in the Cook-Off series, ensuring a truly immersive and memorable experience for all participants.

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