Fiji Bitter 7s Series Launch

Pasifika Communications joined forces with Paradise Beverages to set the stage for an electrifying Fiji Bitter Sevens Series. Our engagement spanned various phases, including Pre-Season and Launch. Here’s a closer look at what we achieved:

Pre-Season Highlights (Preparation for the Series):

  • Designed and produced 13 captivating posters, one overall poster for the series, and 12 tailored posters for the individual tournaments.
  • Created corresponding e-Flyers, maintaining consistency with the poster designs.
  • Produced comprehensive media kits and organiser kits to facilitate the smooth running of the events.
  • Crafted a compelling 30-second TV commercial (TVC) to engage the audience.
  • Developed a 30-second radio advertisement to expand reach.
  • Designed informative A4 info decks to enhance communication.

Launch Event (Elevating the Series):

Provided vital support in the event management process, ensuring a seamless experience for attendees:

  • Collaborated with LED screen and signage suppliers to enhance the event’s visual impact.
  • Assisted in the production of a captivating 3-minute launch video that set the tone for the series.
  • Conducted photography and videography services, capturing the essence of the event.
  • Contributed to the event’s success by identifying and coordinating the MC for the day.
  • Assisted in drafting a compelling presentation piece for the Paradise Beverages marketing personnel.

For the launch video our team went the extra mile by sourcing information, materials, and resources from various outlets, including the Fiji Museum, Suva City Library, Fiji Times, FBC TV, National Archives, and other sources. 

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