Jergens Lotion Fiji Launch Campaign

Jergens was a new product for Fiji and needed to make a splash to enter an already crowded beauty lotion market. Pasifika produced an edgy, 90 second TV commercial and provided overseas quality photography to ensure that people in Fiji sat up and took notice. This was followed up by a shorter version of the TVC and point-of-sale materials in stores.

TV Ads

90 second and 30 second tv ads promoting the use of Jergens lotion by a Fiji photographer, model and makeup artist. These ads served to launch the Jergens lotion line of products in Fiji.


To really highlight the soft skin needed to promote Jergens lotion, Pasifika relied on a their expertise in lighting, lens choice and camera angle to get just the right look to photograph the perfect images.

In-Store Posters

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